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We provide transportation engineering services focusing on traffic impact studies, traffic operations and analysis, multimodal and pedestrian studies. Our understanding of the transportation environment and years of industry experience helps us deliver exceptional transportation engineering services to our clients. 

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A critical issue for most developers is the impact of their projects on adjacent or external transportation systems.

Q Engineering will work on your behalf with review agencies and permitting authorities to obtain the necessary approvals for your project. In addition we help owners and developers identify and implement effective parking solutions by identifying existing and future parking demand as well as on- and off-street parking availability.



Q Engineering serves a range of segments within the private market including non-governmental organizations (NGO). We have a history of working with NGO's that are committed to improving their communities. We provide a range of transportation engineering services such as traffic impact studies to help NGO's establish themselves within the community they seek to serve.



We believe that cycling and walking should be part of our transportation choices in the communities where we live and work. Our specialized services in Bicycle and Pedestrian Studies, Complete Streets, and Safe Routes to School, help communities identify gaps and improve their sidewalk and bicycle facilities.  Our years of expertise make us the right consultant for a multidisciplinary team.


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Free Initial Consultation

Q Engineering offers a free consultation for potential clients thinking about hiring us. Are you developing a site and don't know where to start? Through the free consultation we give potential clients the chance to get to know us before deciding whether we are a good fit. Some people aren't sure if they need a licensed professional engineer. Others can't afford to hire a professional engineer, but as a service to the community, we still offer valuable information at no-cost. Connect with us online by email or fill out our contact form below.  Once we receive your information we will contact you, get some general information about you and your project and schedule a time to speak to you. Consultations can be done over the telephone or online via Zoom. We limit our free consultation to half an hour, during which time we will discuss your options for hiring us. 

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Approval of re-zoning
Approval of re-zoning

Expansion of farm underway after re-zoning approval.

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Parking Availability
Parking Availability

Parking needs assessment study.

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The Talking Farm
The Talking Farm

Urban farming in Chicago, IL.

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The idea of an engineering firm for better communities began in 2013 when the board members of The Talking Farm, a non-profit community farm in Skokie, IL approached us seeking help. The Talking Farm, which promotes local organic grown produce and farm to plate education for adults and kids was looking to expand its operations. In order to do so, they approached us to conduct a traffic impact study (TIS) and parking needs analysis for their property. With our extensive experience in traffic engineering and transportation planning and our desire to improve the communities in which we live in, we gladly jumped on board a multidisciplinary team that consisted of lawyers, landscape architects, and planners.

We submitted the TIS and parking analysis in December 2013. The Village of Skokie rewrote its zoning codes to include a provision for urban farms. Since then The Talking Farm grew and expanded its operations to 1.5 acres of urban agricultural land, providing locally grown organic produce to restaurants in the Chicagoland area and educational classes in urban agriculture to adults and school children. The success of The Talking Farm and the pleasure we found in working with local organizations and communities provided us with a reason to start a transportation engineering firm that works with developers and municipalities to enhance our transportation environment. We like to champion projects that improve livability and vibrancy of communities.

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Q Engineering is a woman-owned minority-owned transportation engineering firm. We are a part of the communities where we live and work. With over 15 years of experience working for the public and private sectors in the United States and abroad, we have the expertise to guide communities on transportation issues for better, healthier, and livable communities. Our goal as transportation engineers is to improve our communities through focusing on projects that relieve traffic congestion, improve active transportation and provide multimodal travel choices.

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Sharon Lowhim, P.E.

Founder and Owner

We are located in the

Raleigh-Durham Area

Tel: (919) 391-6260

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